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Distant Places Travel

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once upon a time…

… Charles (tired doctor, age 52) said to his wife Barbara (exhausted solicitor, housewife, age undisclosed):
“we deserve a holiday. Something exotic. The holiday of a lifetime. Australia… snorkelling on the Reef… visit A Town called Alice… stay at that lodge in the rain forest that we read about… and we can visit your cousin Daphne who moved to Melbourne. And lets stop off in Langkawi”
So Charles and Barbara trotted excitedly down to their local travel agents Tommy Chef. And joined the queue. Behind the Browns booking Butlins. And the Smiths family arguing over a Benidorm apartment. And the Joneses pondering if it was cheaper to Birmingham by train or by coach. And eventually it was their turn and there was 17 year old Sharon chewing gum, saying ‘can I help you’ and behind them was a queue…
Barbara said to Charles:
“if only there was someone who still gave old-fashioned PERSONAL SERVICE… who was SPECIALIST… who was EXPERT in their field… “

there is !

Distant Places Travel opened in Purley, Surrey in 1986. Note the subtle name. Because we reckon that people planning a major journey to distant places deserve someone who is SPECIALISED… who still give good old-fashioned PERSONAL SERVICE – who are EXPERTS in the field
Since 1986 the internet has arrived. And our personal service is more appreciated than ever.

Soon other people were saying we were very good at this tailor-made travel business – what about BUSINESS travel – what about OVERSEAS MEETINGS – what about… ‘STOP STOP we cried, we can’t do everything.

So here’s what Distant Places Travel does, all tailor-made for you, at the best possible rates:

INDIVIDUAL TRAVEL for business or pleasure - but only to long-haul destinations
Australia – New Zealand – South Pacific - Far East – Africa – The Americas

OVERSEAS MEETINGS & GROUP TRAVEL – Meetings, Study Tours, Incentive
Travel Groups to any overseas destination, Europe and beyond


Distant Places Travel contacts

We will be delighted to hear from you, whichever way you prefer:

Phone 020-8660 3501 (24 hour answering service outside office hours)
Fax 020-8763 1334
E-mail info@distantplacestravel.co.uk

VAT Registration no. 452 1307 84

serving London and the South East


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